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The year’s plan lies in spring!These exercise methods help you start the vitality and health at the beginning of the year

The Spring Festival holiday is over

You are ready to return to your daily life

Is it in work and study?

Oops, I ate a lot of delicious food in the Spring Festival,

A lot of meat grows ~

The Spring Festival holiday is too fast,

I haven’t played enough!

Want to have a good state to return to work and study,

How do we do this?

Proper exercise is a good recipe for recovery ~

The one -year plan lies in spring,


Give the good body throughout the year!


Five steps make physical habits exercise

Turn to zero

Even without the entire exercise time, the sporadic sporadic exercise can benefit the body.For example, instead of driving, walking after a meal, etc.

Get up time

People who are sitting for a long time are recommended to get up every 30 minutes.You can set alarm clock to remind yourself.

Chosen interested

No need to entangle which movement is the most effective and popular,As long as you like it, you can try, practice and form habits slowly.

Accompanying activity

With the helpMove with friends to increase interest.

Small goal

Don’t pursue the immediate effect of the shadow,Starting from a small amount of physical activity, beginners gradually increase frequency, strength, and duration; people with poor physical strength should not easily try high -intensity exercise.


Four types of sport suitable for spring


Walking is the safest, easiest, and most economical aerobic metabolic movement.Middle -aged and elderly people and young people with good constitutions are suitable for fast walking. The speed is 5-6 kilometers per hour. About 120 steps per minute can be taken. Perseverance and exercise can improve the cardiopulmonary function of the human body, reduce the body fat rate, reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases., Diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases.

The weak elderly people should choose to take a walk slowly, about 80 steps per minute and 2 to 3 kilometers per hour, which can help stabilize emotions, eliminate fatigue, and also have the effect of strengthening the stomach and digestion.


Riding a bicycle is a typical aerobic exercise that can enhance cardiopulmonary function and make the body evenly.It has a significant effect on preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Riding exercise time can be controlled at about 20-40 minutes. If the exercise strength is low, it can be extended appropriately, but it is not recommended for too long exercise time to prevent fatigue damage.


In the whole cold winter, the human body seems to be curled up. The most suitable for spring is stretching exercise to awaken the body.Young people are best to do yoga, and the elderly can practice qigong.

Recommend a stretching action “climbing the wall”.In the face of the wall standing, slowly crawl with both hands or one hand along the wall, try to stretch the whole body and then retreat slowly, return to the original, and repeatedly.


The fitness effect of jogging is better than any high -intensity exercise.Jogging can also increase oxygen intake, reduce hypertension, get rid of body fat, and improve heart function.

(Source of the health lifestyle of the whole people, Jiangxi Disease Control.

[Source: Ganzhou Sanitary and Health]

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