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Promote the spirit of educators in the land of Xinjiang to take root

Original title: Promote the spirit of educators to take root in the Xinjiang land
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership has always attached great importance to education and the majority of teachers in the minds. Standing at the high level of the development of the party and the country’s cause, it has made a series of important instructions and proposed the spirit of Chinese educators.The construction of the teacher team has given the connotation and spirit of the new era, and pointed out the direction for the construction of high -quality professional teachers in the new era and provided a fundamental follow.
The party committee and government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region firmly defend the “two establishment” and resolutely achieve “two maintenance”, always put education in the strategic position of priority development, and thoroughly implement the importantInstructions, focusing on breaking bottlenecks, expanding the scale, regulating structure, and treatment, solving many key difficulties in the construction of teachers for a long time, and fundamental changes have undergone fundamental changes in the overall appearance of the teacher team.Xinjiang will adhere to the problem -oriented, goal orientation, strengthen coordination and coordination, strengthen the guarantee of factor, promote the spirit of educators to take root in the vast Xinjiang land, cultivate and create a high -quality teacher team, and consolidate the foundation for the construction of a strong education area.
The first is to adhere to political leadership and promote the ambitions and ambitions of the majority of teachers to firmly establish the aspirations and ambitions of “plowing the altar and the strong country”.Only when teachers are “the big of the country”, the country is equipped with the country and the people, and the educational undertakings of the party and the people can they realize their personal value in the grand cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.In recent years, Xinjiang has insisted on educating people to receive education first, insist on setting up souls with the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of the highest leader, normally carried out learning and education, and carried out a series of activities of “Promoting Education Personal Spirit · Geng Geng Farming Mission”., Guide the majority of teachers to work hard to be the unity of the “scriptures” and “teacher” who are proficient in “preaching and teaching”.Focusing on the “key minority” of leading cadres of the education system, highlighting the first lesson and main course of the party’s innovation theory in party members and cadre education and training, strictly implement the “first issue” and “first -hour 1 hour” system, strengthen theoretical armed forces,Firm ideals and beliefs.Focus on the “vast majority” of the teacher team, focus on improving theoretical literacy, ethical teacher style, promoting the spirit of educators, improve the level of ideological, political and professional ethics of teachers, and persist in the consciousness of the Chinese community of the Chinese nation through the whole process, Promote teachers to become a communicationman of advanced ideology and culture, firm supporters of party governance, and guiders of the healthy growth of students.
The second is to adhere to the improvement of quality and improve the ability and level of teachers to educate people and educate talents for the party.The quality of teachers is the guarantee of education quality. Only first -class teachers have first -class education, and first -class education has first -class talents.Xinjiang has always adhered to system concepts, adhered to the integration of the military regiment, continued to strengthen the construction of the three -level teacher development center of the district, prefecture, and county.The main content of the Chinese nation community awareness, the improvement of the ability of the country’s universal language, and the improvement of teacher digital literacy, etc., have established a more open teacher training system.Implement the teacher education collaborative quality improvement plan, support the cooperation between teachers ‘colleges and universities in the autonomous region, and primary and secondary schools, and promote the construction of five teachers’ education reform pilot zones.Implement the “Tianshan Yingcai” education and teaching teacher training plan, and comprehensively start the construction tasks of 210 autonomous regions -level teachers and famous schools (parks).Support and encourage teachers to improve their education levels, implement a special plan for doctoral teachers in Xinjiang, high -level backbone talent plans for ethnic minorities, and explore the “traffic bridge” of teachers’ academic qualifications and on -the -job training.Efforts will be made to improve the quality of leading cadres in the education system, increase the training of members of the party and government in charge, education departments, and school teams at all levels, support the transition concepts and innovation methods of secretaries and principals, and form teaching characteristics and school -run style.
The third is to adhere to the innovation of mechanism and promote the formation of the system and layout of the scientific and balanced allocation of teachers.The balanced allocation of teachers’ resources is the prerequisite for promoting high -quality development of education.According to the needs of educational development, Xinjiang has taken effective measures to optimize teachers’ resource allocation in the face of new situations of new urbanization, changes in school -age population and the reform of college entrance examinations, and achieves staged results.Scientific research and judging the new situation of the development of population development and the reform and development of urban and rural compulsory education, strengthen the top -level design, deepen the comprehensive reform of teachers’ management, and form a more open and efficient teacher supplementation and deployment of system mechanisms.Adhere to demand -oriented, supplement teachers in multi -channel, increase the recruitment of teachers in the southern Xinjiang and junior and high school sections, and orderly organize low -school teachers to obtain junior and high school teachers’ qualifications.Expand the implementation of silver -age lecture plans, college students ‘internships, etc., and alleviate the structural contradictions of teachers’ supply and demand.Implement the national primary and secondary school teachers’ qualification system, optimize the dynamic adjustment mechanism of teachers’ preparation of posts, and use internally digging and purchasing services, revitalize the preparation of stocks, and orderly promote the management reform of the “county management school employment” of compulsory education school teachers, improve the transfer of teachers’ transfer of diversion and exitMechanisms, focus on building high -quality teachers.
The fourth is to adhere to strengthening the protection and create the environment and atmosphere of the majority of teachers to teach and educate people.Xinjiang has continuously improved the treatment of teachers and cares about the growth of teachers. The region has established a long -term linkage mechanism for primary and secondary school teachers to achieve the average salary and income level of compulsory education teachers is not lower than the average salary income level of local civil servants.The “National Vocational Education Teacher Teaching Innovation Team” has emerged as representatives of “model models for teaching and educating people in the country” and “the most beautiful teachers in the country”.Increase the care and care of teachers, continue to implement various security policies, unblock the performance of rural teachers and teaching and education, and promotes green channels for teachers ‘title, reduce teachers’ non -teaching affairs burden, improve the teacher honor commendation system, and actively create to respect teachers and teachers.A good atmosphere, inspire the dedication of the majority of teachers in Xinjiang with the spirit of educators, and let them teach, enthusiastically teach, relieved, and quietly teach.
(Kaiser Abuk Hot Wood, Vice Chairman of the People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region)
Source: China Education News

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