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Stay away from the risk of complications, 2024 Healthy Hunan · Diabetes reversed the public welfare salon held

Recently, 2024 Healthy Hunan · Diabetes reversed the public welfare salon activity of “reversing high blood sugar and grasping the golden period” was held in Changsha.This event was jointly organized by a number of institutions such as the Sannuo Diabetes Reversing Center and the Changsha Health Management Society. Through expert face diagnosis, health assessment, and scientific lectures, let diabetic patients scientifically understand diabetes reversal, learn new methods and methods and methods of diabeteThe new concept is far away from the risk of complications.

△ 2024 Healthy Hunan Diabetes Reversing Charity Salon was successfully held in Changsha.

Ma Jinju, an expert in Sannuo Healthy Diabetes Clinic, introduced at the scene that diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by rising blood sugar due to insulin secretion and / or defects.It can cause more than 100 complications such as diabetes foot, brain stroke, renal failure, blindness, and blindness. It is the most known disease.

Many patients expressed their anxiety at the scene. “After diagnosis, do you have to take insulin and take sugar lowering medicine?” “The more the medicine is taken, and how the probability of the complications later?” Ma Jinju saidDevelopment, the treatment of diabetes is also constantly innovating. Through accurate comprehensive management, the islet function can be repaired, and diabetic reversal can be realized, thereby reducing or away from complications.

△ Sannuo Healthy Diabetes Clinic Ma Jinju talked about the dangers of diabetes.

“Diabetes are preventable, controllable, and reversed. It is not that the traditional concept is considered to take medicine for life.” Liao Yu, deputy chairman of the Hunan Health Management Association Lifetime Medical Committee and director of the Sannuo Diabetes Reversing Center, said, “The British Direct study showed that β cells secreted by diabetic patients were not irreversible, but were in a dormant state. They only needed to re -activate them through scientific means to promote the recovery of the islet function.Some diabetic patients do not injection insulin, and do not take hypoglycemic drugs, and can maintain normal blood sugar.This is exactly the theoretical basis of hot diabetes reversal therapy in recent years.

△ Professor Liao Yu, director of the Sannuo Diabetes Reversing Center, talked about the reversal of diabetes.

Liao Yu introduced that the MIT enhanced intervention treatment method created by the Sano Diabetes Reversing Center, through multi -disciplinary experts such as endocrinologists, nutritionists, sports rehabilitation, psychological counselors such as endocrinologists, nutritionists, sports rehabilitation, and psychological counselors.Personalized factors such as diseases and individual nutrition and exercise habits shall be implemented to strengthen medical nutrition as the core of enhanced intervention, which can protect and repair islet beta cells and improve diabetes from the root cause.

“From the data of the Sannuo Diabetes Reversing Center, 99%of early sugar patients and more than 90%of the middle -term patients have successfully achieved the needle and stopping the medicine.”Normal.” Liao Yu believes that blood glucose control itself is just a very high -surface pursuit. The indicator control is the first step. The ability and consciousness of control are the key. Only by continuous control can the risk of complications be reduced.The treatment of diabetes is comprehensive treatment. Except for blood sugar testing, diet, exercise, psychological care, and health education are important.When the lifestyle that is conducive to the reversal of diabetes becomes a habit, it is the real sense of diabetes.

2024 Healthy Hunan · Diabetes Reversing Charity Salon Event is part of the 2024 Healthy Hunan · Diabetes Reversing Public Welfare Travel Series initiated by the Sannuo Diabetes Reversing Center. This series of activities will continue until the end of this year.The Sannuo Diabetes Reversing Center participated in the event, and successful applicants can get a thousand yuan inverse sugar gift package.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wang Liyi

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