Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Laoshan District Central and Korean Street: "Guoan Propaganda+Healthy Clinic" -The convenience business, Guoan entered the heart

  April 20th News April 15, 2024 is the ninth National National Security Education Day in my country.In order to further promote the popularization of national security knowledge and gather the strong forces to maintain national security, everyone is responsible for the national security, and everyone’s ideological understanding of everyone can do it. Recently, the Edinburgh Civilization Practice Station in Zhonghan Street, Laoshan District, Qingdao City, is actively active.Organize the promotional activities of the National Security Education Day theme of the National Security Education Day to organize and carry out the “building community defense line, you and I work together.”

  Popular law security enters the community to enhance national security awareness

  The national security is invisible and can’t be touched, but it is closely related to everyone like the air that people breathe. Everyone is responsible for maintaining national security, and everyone is responsible.At the event site, the importance of promoting the importance of national security education by hanging banners, placing posters, and distribution of publicity materials.National security is related to the rise and fall of the country, related to the vital interests of each citizen.The staff of the party branch of the community call on the majority of residents to actively fight with all criminal acts that endanger national security and disrupt social stability, prevent telecommunications fraud, and discover illegal acts that endanger national security.Keep in mind in the heart, strengthen responsibility, and contribute to the maintenance of national security.

  Convenience and free consultation, warm people’s hearts and beautiful lives together

  At the free clinic propaganda activities, volunteers of Qingdao Zhongcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Qingdao () Hospital, Younuo Stomatos, and Brother’s Public Welfare provided residents with Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis, bone density detection, bottom screening, blood sugar measurement, blood pressure, oral cavity, oral cavity, oral cavity, oral cavity, oral cavityCheck the health consulting services such as inspection, carefully answer the health and health issues raised by the masses, popularize legal health knowledge such as national security education law, health literacy, etc., and guide residents to develop a healthy lifestyle of reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, smoking quit and alcohol, and effectively.Strengthen the consciousness of maintaining their own health rights.

  At the same time, it also issued a national security education brochure and a preventive health brochure of the national security education brochure and chronic diseases and common diseases, creating a publicity atmosphere, and improving the general public’s understanding and understanding of national security laws, regulations and healthy life.

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