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Some sections of the Blues’ support have chanted for ‘The Special One’s’ return, but he’s more likely to bring chaos than success

Chelsea’s manager cut a lonely figure at the Gtech Community Stadium on Saturday as chants of “f*ck off Mauricio” rained down from the away end. The Blues’ travelling faithful – who have never warmed to the former Tottenham favourite – made it abundantly clear who they want to replace the beleaguered Pochettino, following their obscenities with a chorus of “Jose Mourinho”.

“It was difficult for me to understand but it’s normal,” Pochettino said afterwards, having seen his team salvage a 2-2 draw. “We were losing 2-1 and it’s about expressing their frustration. I am responsible as the head coach. I’m not worried. We need to accept this relationship.”

The Argentine tactician might not be worried, but in their short time at the helm, Chelsea’s owners have shown an alarming willingness to bow to fan pressure, with Graham Potter axed once the supporters began to turn on him less than a year ago, despite being backed to oversee a long-term project on numerous occasions by his bosses.

Indeed, no sooner had Mourinho’s name left the lips of those travelling fans than he had been tenuously linked with a sensational Stamford Bridge comeback. However, his recent history dictates that those calling for his return should be careful what they wish for.

Is home where the heart is?

When Mourinho first joined Cheap Chelsea Football Shirts in 2004, not only did he find a spiritual home but also a physical one in that affluent corner of west London. That has remained his family base ever since he moved to England from Portugal, with his wife and children – who currently reside in a £25 million ($32m) mansion in Belgravia – staying in the UK despite him having spells with Inter, Real Madrid and Roma.

It has been reported that Mourinho would leap at the opportunity to take the reins at the club he calls “my Chelsea” for the third time in his storied career, perhaps in the belief that returning ‘home’ could stir something up deep down inside him that could help him to restore his diminishing reputation.

Boehly’s next PR stunt?

If this reunion would be viewed as a banker for a downtrodden Mourinho, what about Chelsea’s beleaguered ownership? Given they will be accustomed to monitoring the markets, Boehly-Clearlake will be unnerved by just how far their stock has fallen since their protracted takeover two years ago, and they will be desperately searching for a win with their next strategic move, with many supporters convinced they are only capable of running the club into the ground.

Todd Boehly and Co have shown in the past that they are not above a brazen PR stunt; club legend Frank Lampard was egregiously reappointed as caretaker manager following Potter’s dismissal in April 2023, shortly after having been axed himself by relegation-battling Everton. Almost inevitably, he oversaw a miserable end to the campaign, with Chelsea’s dismal form and loss of confidence contributing in no small part to Pochettino’s problems in 2023-24.

Jose Mourinho’s return would only lead to more carnage
Jose Mourinho’s return would only lead to more carnage

There’s a sense of deja vu as, like Potter, the Argentine fights a losing battle to get the fans onside. Having seen his appointment go awry, reappointing Mourinho would be another short-term fix for Boehly and co-owner Behdad Eghbali – one that would see their stock spike among the vast majority of supporters. How long that upward trend would last, though, remains to be seen.

Perfect boss for Mourinho

The relationship between Mourinho and Boehly-Clearlake is one you could imagine working, especially for the wily Portuguese. He famously likes to get his own way and has been glad to speak out against his own bosses if his wishes are not granted.

It has been widely reported that Boehly is intrigued by the idea of bringing Mourinho back to Cheap Chelsea Kids Football Kit, presumably enchanted by the idea of hiring one of the most famed personalities in the history of the game.

Given their mind-bending spend to date, the ownership would surely open their wallets and pander to Mourinho’s every wish in the transfer window – a dream scenario for him at previous clubs where he felt his demands fell on deaf ears.

If he were to be given such influence at the highest level, there is little surprise the legendary coach is open to a return to Stamford Bridge.

Palatable mediocrity?

Indeed, answering the question of what Chelsea need from their next manager is where the logic of reappointing Mourinho for a third time falls down; Chelsea are mired in seemingly never-ending transition, but he has a reputation for being unable to oversee progress over more than two years; he is notorious for his poor handling of young players and academy graduates, yet Chelsea’s squad is packed full of them.

It is plausible that returning ‘home’ to west London might reinvigorate him, and he would certainly be backed financially by a reckless ownership group and emotionally by a demanding fanbase, but even then it is difficult to see a path to success.

That said, mediocrity under Mourinho would be far more palatable for their following than mid-table obscurity under Tottenham favourite Pochettino. But the Portuguese’s dismissal in 2015 demonstrated that the fickle fanbase will only have so much patience, even for the most successful manager in the club’s history.

Unless Replica Chelsea Football Shirts fans can learn to tolerate long-term mediocrity and the mid-table reality Pochettino has spoken about, Mourinho’s third coming is likely to end the same way as the previous two.

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