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Can I still eat one day of expiration?Regarding the shelf life, 99%of people may have misunderstandings …

Recently, the topic of “big stomach king’s eating and broadcasting was seriouslyted” has caused heated discussion among netizens. We must advocate cherishing food and refusing waste, and we should also establish a correct concept of consumption.

For example, we usually go to the supermarket and do not buy too much food, otherwise we will not eat it.Speaking of which there is a problem, that is aboutThe shelf life of food.

In fact, most people have misunderstandings about the shelf life.So how is the shelf life formula?Food is safe during the shelf life. Can I really not eat the shelf life?

Today I will frequently reveal the truth about the “shelf life”.

The “not bad” here generally contains two layers,On the one hand, the quality of food is unchanged,The manufacturer promises that during the shelf life, the appearance, taste, and flavor of food will not change significantly;On the other hand, manufacturers can ensure food safety.During the shelf life, the normal storage method can ensure that food will not be corrupted and deteriorate, and consumers can eat with confidence.

The shelf life is determined by the manufacturer based on the food characteristics, acceleration experiments or test results of the productionEssence

Generally speaking, in accordance with the industry requirements, or determining the shelf life required with the dealer, the R & D personnel designed products by improving formulas and production processes.

It is usually preserved under the preservation conditions of the product (sometimes it is also calculated through some “accelerated metamorphosis” storage conditions), samples every other time to determine the key indicators, depending on whether the standards are still setting standards.Within the range.

If each indicator is acceptable during the determined shelf life, this shelf life is used; if there is a certain indicator becoming unacceptable, continue to improve the formula or production process until each indicator meets the requirements during the shelf life.

Therefore, the same food may be different from different manufacturers.

Many people regard the shelf life as a “security guarantee”, and feel that “the expiration” is safe, and the “expiration” is harmful.But in fact we have a big “misunderstanding” for the shelf life.

It should be noted that the shelf life of food is related to the storage conditions and packaging of food.If it is not stored in accordance with the storage conditions marked by the manufacturer, food may also deteriorate in advance.

For example, the shelf life of fresh milk is two weeks, which refers to the premise of no opening and refrigerating.If the lid is already opened or placed at room temperature, it may deteriorate quickly.

Another example is a biscuit. If you do not open the bag during the shelf life, you can keep crispy.However, if the bag is opened and the environment is relatively humid, it will soon be softened by the tide and it is difficult to eat.

In our country, after food exceeds the shelf life, it does not mean that it will not be safe.

Whether it is taste or safety, food during the shelf life is of course the best.However, under the premise that the food storage conditions are up to standard, the packaging is intact, and the color and fragrance has not changed, the expired food can also be eaten.

For example, hot -filled acid foods, foods with low water activity, canned foods, sterile foods, frozen foods, etc. Bacteria and mold in these foods cannot grow.It will not become unsafe.

For example, the over -expired bread is not moldy or hardened. The color, taste, and taste are normal, and you can eat it with confidence. Similarly, jams and honey have no mold and no taste.Entering the trash can, although it has expired, it still eats normally without any bad.

And those fresh ingredients and foods without completely sterilization, if there is no measures to completely suppress bacterial growth (such as frozen, vacuum, preservatives, etc.), it will deteriorate quickly.If it exceeds the shelf life, it is best not to eat it.

Canned food, candy, biscuits: 1 year or longer.

Facilities and sterile milk juice: 6 months to 1 year.

Vacuum packaging and refrigerated cooked food and fast food: 90 days to half a year.

Sterilized meat food and fresh eggs: 30 days to 90 days.

Yogurt, snack: 16 days to 30 days.

Milk, staple food, non -sterilized cooked food, non -sterilized box installed bean products: less than 15 days.

It is indicated that “storage conditions are room temperature and the shelf life is 1 month” food may not be bad in the refrigerator for 3 months.This is because the temperature decreases and extends the shelf life.However, you need to cut the food into small pieces in advance and eat one piece, otherwise the temperature of the food that is taken out is repeatedly changed and it is easy to deteriorate.

Acidity will affect the growth rate of bacteria, and the higher the acidity, the more difficult the microorganisms will grow.Add lemon juice to fruit and vegetable juice to make the storage time of fruit and vegetable juice longer.

Salt is a natural preservative.When the concentration of the salt solution in food reaches a certain degree, it is difficult to grow in microorganisms in high -salt water loss environment, which can relatively achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life.

Well, those who have long relying on the shelf life to judge food must have a new understanding. Some foods thrown away can actually be eaten.

Since the beginning of this year, the emergence of the new crown pneumonia has spread around the world. In addition, the impact of extreme weather and locusts, many countries have also experienced a food crisis at present.For a large country like us with a population of 1.4 billion, ensuring food safety, we cannot relax at any time.

Let us call together:

Starting, opposing waste, starting from me.

Editor -in -chief: Guo Shuang

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