Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Zhang Lianchun inspects the ecological environment of Yutai District, Nanjing: Ensure that the environmental air quality of key areas continues to improve

During the May 1st, Zhang Lianchun, Secretary of the Yuhuatai District Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of China (Nanjing) Software Valley, led a team to the original bicycle factory plot, the original new and source decoration city plot, and Zhonghua Men’s control point to inspect the ecological environment.He emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the thought of the highest leader’s ecological civilization, implement the requirements of the central and provincial and municipal deployment, adhere to the goal orientation, strengthen the system thinking, and solid the bottom line of the bottom line.Environmental satisfaction of the people.

In the original bicycle factory plot and the original new and source decorative city plot, Zhang Lianchun focused on checking the implementation of the dust control control.He pointed out that it is necessary to improve ideological understanding, strictly implement various dust control measures, increase monitoring efforts, establish a long -term management and control mechanism, and ensure that the air quality of environmental air quality in key areas continues to improve.

At the China Gate State Control point, Zhang Lianchun looked at the fine management of the China Gate State Control Point, and listened to the report of the implementation of relevant departments and street management measures.He pointed out that it is necessary to further strengthen the refined control of air pollution prevention and control of the surrounding national control points with a high sense of political responsibility, continue to improve air quality, and ensure that the annual air quality in the region meets the standards.

Zhang Lianchun emphasized that relevant departments at all levels must always keep in mind the “big country of the country”, unswervingly follow the road of ecological priority and green development, enhance the systemic, overall, and synergy of work, and continue to play blue sky, blue water, and pure land to defendWar, solidly grasp the rectification of problems of outstanding ecological environment, promote the breakthrough of pollution prevention and control, implement the river and lake length system, improve the long -term environmental protection and long -term mechanism, and promote the continuous improvement of the ecological environment of the region with actual results.

Relevant leaders in the district, the main responsible comrades of the relevant district and the subordinate streets participated.

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