Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Yimei Zhao looks at the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition

      From April 19th to 21st, the highly anticipated 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened at Shancheng Chongqing International Expo Center.The theme of this exhibition is “digital empowering education, innovation and leading the future”, comprehensively showing educational equipment products and services, innovation applications and achievements of educational, teaching and education management scenarios at all levels, and reshaping the new space for digital education to develop.

      Focusing on health lighting for 20 years, Yimei Lighting has actively deployed the field of education and lighting in recent years.Create a high -quality education environment with firm heart, use intelligent, professional, and healthy “light” to take care of the vision health of the majority of teachers and students.

      At the exhibition site, Yimei Lighting brought a series of fist products such as LED -side lighting classroom lights, LED straight down classroom lights, LED grille classroom lights, and LED blackboard lights.The above products use high -quality LED chips, which can strictly control the ripple current, which fundamentally eliminates the generate -flashes.The color rendering index reaches 90 or above, and the color restoration is more realistic. It is designed for the classroom and the visual experience is more comfortable.

      In 2024, Yimei Lighting launched a new smart education lighting system.The smart lighting system has an intelligent sensing function. It can automatically adjust the brightness according to the changes in external light. The monitoring will automatically turn off the lights when no one is monitored, saving 10%of power;”Projection”, “self -study” and other modes.

      This smart campus solution can not only cover all corners of the school, but also provide professional lighting application solutions based on different educational and teaching scenarios, and adjust the brightness of the lamps through the smart light function to effectively improve the management efficiency of the school.

      In addition, Yimei Lighting also shows its high -quality panel lights, ceiling lamps, table lamps, etc. at this exhibition, which is suitable for other spaces outside the classroom.Procurement requirements.At the same time, high -quality, non -frequent, glare, no blue light hazard sources, comprehensively care for young children’s vision health.

      Yimei Lighting, who adheres to healthy lighting and high -quality routes, coincides with the ideas advocated by educational lighting.With the leading advantages and confidence of the industry, Yimei Lighting has achieved bright results in the Education Lighting Circle.As of now, Yimei Lighting’s health campus lighting solution has been vigorously promoted across the country. Footprints have spread throughout Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Yunnan, Chongqing, Zhejiang and other cities.Ten schools.

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