Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Wonderful "Ke" said!When technology encounters exercise, let’s take a look at how the first youth science and technology sports meeting in Nanxun County defines "the future"

  When technology collision movement is a sweaty sports event, and it is also a smart journey to appreciate technology.”I’m very excited today, the teacher said that you can see the robot dancing me!” “I and my team members have already done the water rocket! We must be able to get the first!” “I believe the square of our performance today must beEveryone shocked “in the morningWith the warm sunshine, students from the Demonstration Primary School of Nanxun Yi Autonomous County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture entered the campus. On the basketball court, the slogan, whistle, and footsteps were undulating.The 11th Basketball Games in Elementary School is open!

  “Technology is the foundation of the country’s prosperity, and innovation is the soul of national progress.”The theme of this sports meeting is “Apocalypse Scientific Smart Achievement Scientific Dream”, and guides and inspires young people to develop scientific literacy that is diligent in thinking, good at discovering, and daring to create, making innovation a behavior habit, a lifestyle, an excellent kind of excellentCharacter.At the same time, in innovative practical activities, scientific knowledge is popularized, scientific spirit, advocating scientific methods, and igniting the scientific dreams of young people.

  With the athlete’s song, the athletes and the referees raised their chests and walked into the basketball court neatly.The red scarf fluttered on the chest, and the sun shines on their cute face, which is particularly dazzling. Today’s campus is rising with exciting dreams.At the opening ceremony, demonstration primary school basketball exercises, cheerleading performances, with their unique creativity and wonderful interpretation, won everyone applause and applause, dribbling, passing & hellip; & hellip;A major highlight of the game.

  It is understood that the opening ceremony is based on “science and technology culture”., Demonstrate interactive popular science exhibits covering the knowledge of sound, light, and electrical sciences; the Nanxun County Science and Technology Association sent a wonderful and fierce scientific and technological display activity, the rotation, marching, running & hellip; observation students who are observedWe were amazed. Under the blue sky, a drone soared, and a water rocket fluttered the sky, and the seeds of science and technology were broadcast in the hearts of the students.

  “The first Youth Science and Technology Games in Nanxun County was held in our school. I feel very happy. We can study in schools where the environment is beautiful and developed. I feel extremely lucky. In the future life, I will stillPay more attention to some scientific knowledge, and I will tell my classmates about this knowledge.

  Zhang Zhengyun, secretary of the Party Branch of Nanxun County Demonstration Primary School, introduced: “The first Youth Science and Technology Games in Nanxun County was successfully opened in our school.. I hope that through this activity, we will further promote the development of our school’s scientific and technological work, further stimulate students’ innovation and creativity, and allow students to develop a good behavior of science and science from childhood. “

  The two -way science and technology and movement will turn into huge motivation to help students who demonstrate primary schools continue to challenge themselves and move forward.Rao Yaodong, chairman of the Nanxun County Science and Technology Association, said: “This is the first attempt to conduct scientific and technological competitions in the form of sports conferences in the form of primary and secondary schools in Yunnan Province. Mr. Liang Qichao said & lsquo.Carry out more science and technology sports meetings to lay a certain foundation for youth technology and strong country technology. “

  The sports meeting was hosted by the Nanxun County Science and Technology Association and the Nanxun County Education and Sports Bureau, hosted by Nanxun County Demonstration Primary School, and co -organized by the Nanxun Management and Guard Bureau of the National Nature Reserve of Wuliangshan.

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