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Volunteer recruitment of volunteers of the 12th National Traditional Sports Meeting of Ethnic Minorities

Volunteer recruitment of volunteers of the 12th National Traditional Sports Meeting of Ethnic Minorities
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On the morning of May 8th, in the report hall of the Hainan Tropical Ocean Academy, as the startup device was lit, the 12th National Traditional Sports Games (hereinafter referred to as the Games) volunteers recruited officially launched.The recruitment time of this volunteer will last until October 1.

Volunteer service is a regional civilized background.By mobilizing the province’s youth forces and integrating the resources of all parties, the Executive Committee of the Games will recruit more than 8,000 contest volunteers according to the needs of the competition to “use first -class services and first -class events”.Comprehensively show a new image of high -quality development of Hainan Free Trade Port.

Direct recruitment from local universities

This sports meeting will be held in Sanya from November 22nd to 30th. It is the first national national minority traditional sports meeting held after the 2021 Central National Work Conference.The national comprehensive sports competitions have attracted much attention from all walks of life.

In a event, the staff’s full strength was inseparable from the enthusiastic dedication of volunteers.Zhou Guoliang, Minister of the Social Work Department of the Executive Committee of the Games, said that more than 8,000 contest volunteers recruited this plan will mainly provide transportation guidance, medical care, audience services, competition organization support, competition venue operation support, news media operation support, supportLogistics support operation support and other volunteer services.

According to reports, in terms of the number of volunteers recruitment, the Social Work Department of the Executive Committee and the various departments of the event conducted multiple rounds of communication and fully negotiating, and accurately calculated according to the actual work of the event;”It is just a nearest”, in principle, it is decided to recruit from Sanya local universities in principle.

“Because many projects in the competition are held at the venues near the school or school, this is more convenient for volunteers, and the same school is convenient for timely and timely scheduling, standardized management, and can further enhance the cohesion.” Zhou Guoliang said.

“We have followed the experience of the seventh provincial minority traditional sports sports meeting, and give priority to recruiting volunteers with large -scale competition service experience and professional skills to enhance the level of volunteer services.Guarantee work. “Zhou Guoliang revealed that the athletes who participated in the meeting came from various ethnic groups. When the volunteers recruited, they would tilt to ethnic minority volunteers who understand ethnic language and national customs.

Students participate in enthusiasm

On the same day, at the Hainan Tropical Oceanic Academy, a volunteer recruitment and promotion activity began to expand the influence of volunteer recruitment and attract more young students to join in.

“Everyone is enthusiastic, and many to sign up for participation.” At the event, Zhang Yu, a junior student at Sanya College, was busy registering information and distributing souvenirs for participating students.In March of this year, she became a pre -match volunteer who assisted in the preparation of the Games at the Social Work Department.

Sanya’s local universities actively actively made this movement “volunteer style” blowing through every corner of the campus.

“Many students have been consulting volunteers for registration in these few days. Everyone hopes to become a volunteer in the competition.” Said Ki Jiajia, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of Hainan Tropical Marine Academy, said that the college has gradually formed “the school league committee lead management, management,The college’s third -level volunteer recruitment and management system for the college is responsible for and the backbone participation of volunteers, and the volunteer recruitment plan has been preliminarily formulated to select the best and outstanding volunteer team of volunteers to select the best and outstanding service.This session.

“We are ready!” Said Sun Fan, secretary of the Youth League Committee and Director of the Student Office of the Sanya School, said that they have already carried out publicity in 15 colleges in the school, and planned to focus on the major of professionalism such as tourism management and social work.Encourage students to use their professional director to provide high -quality services for the Games.

The relevant person in charge of the Executive Committee said that Sanya focuses on creating a volunteer service atmosphere of “everyone participating in the Games, Renren Service Games, and Dedication of Renren”.Come, let the guests from all over the world fully feel the enthusiasm and warmth from Hainan.

Pre -post training

A high -quality volunteer team and high -level volunteer service are an important guarantee for the successful organizing of the Games.As soon as the recruitment of volunteers in the competition was launched, the training of volunteers was also being promoted in full swing.

“After the volunteers are determined, a series of pre -job training will be conducted, mainly including emergency rescue and reception etiquette. According to the responsibilities of different positions of volunteers, targeted professional training will be conducted to help everyone familiar with them faster and better.And understand the service content and specific requirements of their respective positions.

At present, the Games Executive Committee is planning to formulate specific training plans and planning tables. It is intended to adopt training and enrollment to invite a number of teachers with rich experience in large -scale event service to teach to teach to “send treasures” for volunteers.

On the other hand, the Executive Committee will organize staff to “go out” and go to Zhengzhou and other places in Henan to learn advanced experience to enhance the level of volunteer service and make volunteer service work more efficient and more accurate.

Zhou Guoliang revealed that in the future, the Executive Committee will also recruit a group of urban volunteers for the society to provide volunteer services at the airport, high -speed rail stations, attractions, and main traffic roads.Exercise and resonance in the same frequency, show the image of urban civilization in all aspects.

Promote the “two -way rush” of volunteers and sports meetings, and the Executive Committee is also doing the service guarantee of volunteers to solve their worries.

“We have fully communicated with the education department and schools, and will be able to adjust the course flexibly according to the actual situation to ensure that everyone’s learning and volunteer services are wrong.” The relevant person in charge of the Executive Committee said that it will provide uniform uniforms and shoes and shoes at the same time.Hats, as well as “point -to -point” traffic services, etc., and commend the volunteers of excellent competitions.

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