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Popular science: Sports is the best investment for children’s brain!(Attached to the 0-18-year-old semi-aged sports list)

Life lies in exercise. To help the child’s life, exercise is the best investment for the child’s brain.

In the future, the child’s spelling is the learning ability in the short term, but often when it goes to the end, it is physical strength.

Those who go to the most stable and farthest in the future must be those children who insist on exercise.


Exercise is the best investment for children’s brain

The human brain has been developing and changing, so the brain is plastic, and the more flexible it is.

Frequent exercise is conducive to children’s brain development.

Harvard professor John Reydi mentioned in the book “Sports Change the Brain” that people’s vocabulary learning speed after exercise has increased by 20 % compared to before exercise.In other words, insisting that exercise can not only help children improve their willpower, but also improve children’s intelligence and response ability.

Scientists have experimented with mice and found that exercise can stimulate the increase in some protein content in the brain. These proteins are essential for the growth of the brain’s responsible learning ability.

Some scientific research has proved that when people are exercising, the blood vessels are contracted moderately, blood circulation accelerates, and the blood supply to the brain will increase largely, which will help the metabolism of the brain nerve cells; promote the normal development of brain cells, develop the intellectual development of childrenThe improvement of cognitive ability is very beneficial.

Dr. Mengtai Sulhali, an Italian educator, said:

“None of things from intelligence are not from the senses.”

For children, if you want him to become smarter, you must start with the senses movement.

Correct exercise can help children promote the “sensory experience” and have a great effect on the child’s brain development.The cultivation of children’s motor nerves must be consistent with all coordinated movements to be established by the child’s body.

Children to promote the development of the brain through exercise mainly to cultivate two major skills:

The first is the functional nervous system function to allow children to get balance;

The second is the sensory nervous system function, allowing children to lay the foundation for their own intellectual development through continuous observation, comparison, analysis, and evaluation.

The more smart the child is, the smarter the reason is that the movement can make the hippocampus in the brain larger, and this part of the area is in charge of learning and memory.

Every year, those college entrance examinations are champion. When they teach learning methods, there is a commonality of almost learning domineers. That is extensive interests and sports love.


Exercise is the best setback education for children

Exercise allows children to face losing and winning with a peaceful attitude.

Many parents say that now the children are very fragile inside, as if there is a “glass heart”, can’t stand the criticism of criticism, and can’t stand a little pressure.

Mr. Lin Yutang once translated a book called “Relying on yourself”.

Someone asked a child: “Why can you learn to skate?”

The child’s answer is: “The method immediately gets up after every fall!”

Just like the free -style ski athlete Gu Ailing at the Winter Olympics, everyone envious of her highlighting moment, but she does not know that the so -called genius is countless times. It is a hard work day after day.

After the game, she said:

Whether I do this action and end (successful) or not to fall (failed), I will be proud of myself;

My challenge this action is to make the whole world see the thoughts in my heart.

Only when the heart is strong and calm like water can we look at the winning or losing or losing in such a fierce competition.If you are quiet, you can use usual training to the extreme.

Long Yingtai once said such a paragraph:

We desperately learn how to successfully sprint for 100 meters, but no one taught us. When you fell, how did you fall into dignity.

Facing failure and setbacks, this is a lesson that children must learn on the road of growth.The exercise is the best setback education for children.


Exercise is a channel for the discharge of children’s bad emotions

Some parents will have questions, how can the obedient children at home always fight at school?

In fact, studies have shown that children’s aggressiveness needs to be guided and sublimated through education.

In addition to the identification and learning of good behavior, more exercise is a good venting pipeline that allows the brain to secrete dopamine and make children have positive emotions.

One netizen shared his own story:

I remember that I got a bad exam, and I got badly, my mood suddenly fell to the trough, and I felt that I had no love in the world.

I rushed out of the classroom by myself, ran to the playground, and stepped on the plastic runway.

With a light pace and a heavy breathing sound, sweat and tears came out of the face together, and at that moment, let go.

Whether you are boring at home, you can’t solve the problem when you are upset, or when you are in a bad mood … Many such depressed moments can make children calm and strong.


Exercise is a habit that children should insist in their lives

Sports, not only the human body, but also to hone the spirit and will of people.

If you want your children to learn, sports is often the best choice.

In Zhihu, there was such a question: “How much help is exercise for children’s growth?”

A praise answered: “Sports make children brave and self -discipline.”

For example, Foreign Minister Wang Yi is hailed as “China’s most handsome diplomat.”

At the age of 70, when he handled cumbersome diplomatic work, he was ease and had a great national style, and this excellent and busy person was still a sportsman.

In March 2015, while Wang Yi participated in the meeting in Switzerland, a group of photos of jogging in Lake Geneva became popular on the Internet.In the photo, Wang Yi is light and healthy.

The famous writer Murakami also said many times that he can insist on writing and depends on running every day.He started running at the age of 33 and has insisted on running for more than 30 years according to the prescribed number of kilometers.

He said that the method and inspiration of his novels were obtained when running along the road every morning.


How to make children cultivate the habit of exercise?

“Interest is the best teacher”, and the same is true of exercise.

Cultivate hobbies and let children fall in love with sports.

If the child is not interested in exercise, and passively participating under the force of parents, it will not have a good exercise effect, nor will there be motivation to persist.

Parents can take their children and start with simple exercise.

I went to the park to walk together after meals. Go to the good friends on weekends to come to a parent -child game and other activities. It is easy to make children feel the fun and charm of sports.

Master knowledge and skills to let children be good at exercise.

Generally speaking, children are more likely to have a happy experience and pleasant feeling when they participate in the exercise that are good at.In the process of cultivating children’s good exercise habits, consciously develop children’s physical ability and the most basic exercise ability.

Let children have the ability to participate in the balance, coordination, stability, speed and other exercise capabilities required during the exercise exercise.

In addition, parents should also pay attention to some common knowledge about sports exercise:

It is not advisable to eat too much and drink too much before exercise;

Wear sports shoes and sportswear during exercise;

You cannot rest and bath immediately after exercise.

In this way, not only can children’s sense of gain when participating in physical exercise, but also to prevent children from being injured during exercise and reducing the risk of exercise damage.

Follow the law of development and let children move a scientific movement.

Due to the flexibility and coordination of the body at all ages, and the tolerance of each organs is different, each age group has different “golden exercise solutions”.

When cultivating children’s exercise habits, parents can refer to the following suggestions, follow the laws of young people’s growth and development, and try to be appropriate and appropriate as much as possible.


What exercise is suitable for children of different ages?

Under 2 years old

Children under the age of 2 have not yet fully developed cardiopulmonary, spine, bones, etc., and should be based on the establishment of movement rules, so that children have awareness of exercise.

For example, children can practice more practice, crawl, and train their limbs.

3-6 years old (kindergarten period)

This stage is the golden period for children to coordinate, sensitivity, and flexible development.

My daughter is about 3 years old and loves to ride a balanced car and bicycle.

At first, the child was still a little scared, and he couldn’t help crying when he fell, but he practiced the courage and “hit” in the community garden every day.

At the same time, her character was a lot tough, and when she fell, she got up and continued to ride.

Some climbing campaigns, as well as skipping rope, kicking football, etc., can make children try slowly.

It is worth noting that children of this age are not suitable for participating in projects with strong confrontation and competitiveness.

6-12 years old (elementary school)

After children enter elementary school, they also like jumping and ball sports.

Parents can take their children out to run, or swimming are also a very good choice.

You can also add some simple confrontation projects, such as fencing and taekwondo.

Some small weight training, such as sit -ups and dumbbells, can also be tried.

Data show that the age of 10 is the peak of fatter for children, and some children are prone to hormonal disorders, so at least 30-60 minutes of exercise time is guaranteed every day.

13-18 years old (junior high school)

After entering the adolescence, the quality and muscle content of the bones will also increase. By the age of 17, the child’s explosive power, speed, endurance, etc. at this stage are growing rapidly.

Basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and other sports can choose freely, mainly depending on what children like.

Parents can take their children to contact different types of movements on the basis of following the law of their children’s growth and development, so that children can feel the joy of exercise.Then according to the child’s interests and preferences, choose 1-2 sport to persist.


The former President of Peking University Wang En said:

Two friends should make two friends in their lives, one is the library and the other is the sports field.

Exercise, let children learn to win, and also learn to lose;

Learn to lead the leader, and also learn to be leading;

Learn to be the ultimate self and learn to be a team of teams;

When to learn when to work hard, and when you also learn to admit your failure …

Don’t let your children stick to the small room and cold books, take them together, run, exercise, and perceive.

What children need are strong body, confident smiles, and the tenacity engraved in their bones.

Every time he runs and every drop of sweat, he will become the best nourishment for his healthy growth.

Children who love sports will definitely go to a better future.

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