Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Many educational universities in Korea will refuse to recruit candidates for campus violence

Source: Xinhua News Agency
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 7thAccording to the 2026 academic year admission plan released by the South Korean government on the 6th, all 10 national education universities in the country will cancel the qualifications for applications for campus violence history students.
According to the “South Korea Herald” report, this move means that such candidates will be banned as teachers in the context of the Korean government increased their efforts to crack down on campus violence.
This plan is a follow -up action of “Elimination of Campus Violence” released by the Ministry of Education of Korea last year.According to this policy, since the admission examination for college enrollment in the 2026 academic year in South Korea, the results of the disposal of campus atrocities will be obliged to reflect the comprehensive evaluation of student files and the evaluation of university study capabilities (college entrance examination)During the process, candidates’ campus violence records will be considered.
In actual operation, some universities in South Korea plans to spontaneously review candidates in the 2025 academic year college entrance examination evaluation.
For candidates with a history of campus violence, most of South Korea’s colleges and universities choose to deduct points in the evaluation, but the University of Education has chosen more tough measures.
Park Nanji, a professor at Gwangzhou Education University, said that the reason why related universities decided so because they believed that students who had a history of violence on campus had limitations in whether they were suitable for teachers.
The above policies also include some other regulations, such as the preservation period of the archives of students who are punished by campus violence can be extended to up to 4 years after graduation (originally two years).This regulation will directly affect such students to apply for colleges and employment.(Qiao Ying)

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