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Li Yanmei: Sports Education Integration Promoting Interdisciplinary Sports Education

Teacher Li Yanmei was originally a teacher of Yuanxuan Primary School in Huadu District, Guangzhou City. After coming to Pingding in 2023, he actively promoted the interdisciplinary theme physical education teaching and allowed Guangzhou’s advanced teaching model and concept to be faster and Pu.Combining the actual situation of education, adding bricks to Puding Education’s high -quality development.

Li Yanmei is giving students a physical education class.

There is a unique sports class at the playground of the Siyuan Experimental School in Pingding County.In the classroom, Mr. Li Yanmei’s teaching content of the Chinese discipline “flew to Luding Bridge” to enhance the interest of student interest by incorporating the teaching method of sports games, so as to achieve “physical education and integration”.”The agile circle is to exercise our agile. In the lesson today, I know that united and cooperative with my classmates can reach the end.” “I like Teacher Li very much because she is in class, while she is in class.Let’s learn a lot while playing games. “The students said.

In August 2023, when I first arrived at Pingding Siyuan Experimental School, Li Yanmei found that there were not many children’s sports classrooms here. The classrooms may focus on teaching.The ability did not get well, so Li Yanmei took the young teachers of the school to carry out a new topic, that is, a cross -disciplinary topic with a theme -based subject, incorporating sports teaching, allowing children to deepen the game through sports gamesUnderstanding of discipline knowledge.

Instruct students' physical education lessons.

Instruct students’ physical education lessons.

Not only that, before Li Yanmei arrived, the school’s primary school and junior high school games were carried out together, resulting in few projects in the primary school and low participation.After understanding this situation, Li Yanmei independently expressed the elementary school sports meeting, adding a lot of collective sports that benefit the children with physical and mental health, so that each student can participate in it, setting off a wave of “Sunshine Sports”.

In the bookstore of the Siyuan Experimental School in Pingding County, Mr. Li Yanmei was communicating with Yang Xiaofen, the teacher of the school’s fourth -year class to guide her how to better guide her classmates to practice skipping and prepare for the competition.The arrival of Li Yanmei brought sunshine and happiness to Pingding County Siyuan Experimental School. Both students and teachers were infected by the positive and optimistic mentality of Teacher Li.”When Teacher Li found that our large -class exercises needed to be perfect, she volunteered to take the responsibility of the arrangement of big class exercises. After day after day, the school’s large -class activities were more perfect and more distinctive.At the same time, Mr. Li also attached importance to the integration of the “five education” of physical education and the comprehensive training of students. She is my good teacher and friend.

Organize school teachers to conduct teaching seminars.

Organize school teachers to conduct teaching seminars.

Today, the method of teaching theme teaching of interdisciplinary disciplines has become a characteristic of physical education teaching in Siyuan School. In order to better apply the teaching method to actual teaching, Li Yanmei also carried out the “Pi Min Min and Wu Xiaodan and others with county sports backbone teachers Pi Min and Wu Xiaodan.The subject of discipline theme teaching, through analysis of the current status of Anshun’s current physical education teaching, has carried out interdisciplinary theme teaching design, and has been declared as a municipal -level topic in March.

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