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Focus on key links in key areas to accurately promote the continuous optimization of the business environment

Entering the logistics center of a clothing company with an annual sales of 2 billion yuan in Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, I saw the clean and tidy workshop hall. A intelligent machine that can complete 100,000 goods sorting every day is running in a loop. 4Famous employees have done a good job of assisting, and went all out to prepare stocks for more than 500 stores. There was a busy production scene at the scene.Thanks to the systematic rectification of local discipline inspection and supervision organs to urge the functional departments, the operating costs of enterprises have been reduced, and the production and operation environment has been continuously optimized.
Since the beginning of this year, the Guangdong Provincial Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organs conscientiously implemented the deployment of the Third Plenary Session of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the 20th Central Committee, aiming at the outstanding problems of the business environment, in -depth front -line supervision and inspection, solidly carried out special rectification, strictly investigated the problem of corruption of politics and business, and continued to promote the construction of the constructionThe relationship between government and business and business has created a good development environment for the high -quality development of Guangdong’s economy and society.
Carry out precise supervision around the “big of the country” to ensure the development of new productive productivity for new quality
It is the clear requirements of the Party Central Committee to firmly grasp the primary task of high -quality development.The Guangdong Provincial Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organs have closely focused on the important instructions of the General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership and the Political Supervision of the Party Central Committee.
Walking on the streets of Shenzhen, new energy vehicles can be seen everywhere in the traffic. The citizens open the “new energy vehicle charging” function of the “I Shenzhen” APP homepage, which can easily view the distribution of 9072 charging stations and 270,000 charging piles in the city.Complete the charging in time.
How to build a “City of Super Charges”?When carrying out special supervision and inspection of the construction of new energy facility projects in the city, the Shenzhen Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission found that there were problems such as unclear foundation, lagging construction progress, and insufficient publicity in some districts in some districts.The construction of new energy facilities is a key project in Shenzhen Industrial Cluster. The Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission immediately urged relevant departments to rectify and promoted the Municipal Development and Reform Commission to launch a high -quality service enterprise for high -quality service enterprises for the “Electric Power Charging and Putting One Network” platform.
To promote the optimized business environment, we must not only let the functional departments feel the intensity of “supervision”, but also let the enterprise feel the temperature of “gang”.The disciplinary inspection and supervision organs in Guangdong Province adopt the “experience” and “embedded” supervision to promote the “mid -obstruction” of the business environment.
Recently, the South China Katana Intelligence Center was formally put into operation, which has effectively promoted the development of the entire industrial chain of Shaoguan big data, and served the digital economy industry in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.Earlier, in order to ensure that the construction of the intellectual calculation center was promoted as scheduled, the Shaoguan Discipline Inspection Commission of the Discipline Inspection Commission carried out the “embedded” follow -up supervision, and adopted the members of the committee to supervise it, and implemented the “one report one report every Monday”.Solve the problems of the preliminary work of the project and land use.
On the shore of Songshan Lake in Dongguan, China Sanjiezhiyu Source project is located.From the construction of the project to the operation, the Dongguan Discipline Inspection Commission’s supervision committee played a functional role, followed up the supervision to promote the solution of supporting facilities such as the construction of the surrounding roads and the laying of water and electricity laying.
Plant the sycamore trees and have their own Phoenix.In order to open up the stuffing point of the development of new quality and productivity development, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission of Zhongshan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, promoted the functional departments to optimize market access, implemented the standardization of administrative licenses, and incorporated more than 1,540 municipal administrative licenses into the unified management of the provincial matters system.Realize 100%online, attract a number of new productive development projects.
Aiming at key issues to carry out special rectification, turn the “problem list” into “results list”
Some garbage collection points have not been cleaned in time, which affects the experience of tourists and the business of surrounding restaurants; in the construction of municipal engineering construction, efficiency, inverted construction period, and segmentation construction should be improved to minimize the impact on surrounding shops …In the work record of Xiao Chen, a cadre of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Hongwan Development Zone in Shanwei City, it lists dozens of problems reflected by individual industrial and commercial households in the supervision and inspection.Some of them are marked with “emergency” and other words in red pen.
The Red Bay Economic Development Zone is a well -known tourist destination in Shanwei.How to protect the unique marine resources development tourism industry is the focus of supervision of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Development Zone.This year, the Red Bay Development Zone Discipline Inspection Commission has upgraded and promoted the special rectification of the “Qingfeng Companion Enterprise”. Focusing on the tourism supporting industries such as catering and accommodation in scenic spots, it promoted the solution of 11 problems including the construction of scenic spots to protect the blue sky.
Since the beginning of this year, the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has continued to keep an eye on the prominent issues of the business environment and carried out special rectification, consolidated the six rectifications carried out last year, and newly issued the “Special Rectification Plan for the” Three Chaos and Two Multiple “issues of enterprises” to guide disciplinary inspection at all levelsThe supervisory organs carry out special rectifications such as corporate charges, fine fines, random distribution, arrears of corporate accounts, restrictions on fair competition, etc., so that the “problem list” will become a “results list”.
The disciplinary inspection and supervision team of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission in the Provincial Department of Commerce has carried out special inspections on the relevant national economic and technological development zone, comprehensive demonstration zone, and comprehensive bonded zone, and seriously rectified the problems of charges such as water, electricity, gas and other charges of some parks’ illegal prices and charges for enterprises.EssenceThe Meizhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection urged 111 industry associations and chambers of commerce to conduct random charges for self -examination and self -correction, and promoted the initiative to reduce or reduce the exemption fee of nearly 2.4 million yuan.The Discipline Inspection Commission of Jiangmen City has promoted the vigorous rectification of the problem of “transfer of power supply and price increases”, and urged 35 to regulate the charging behavior of the main body of power supply. It is expected that the cost of electricity consumption can be reduced by 300,000 yuan for small and micro enterprises each year.
In the Jiangnan Fruit and Cai wholesale Market in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, fruits from all over the world are full of fruit, and wholesalers in north and south are moving their shoulders.
“In the past, the money was given to the illegal infringement business households’ from lightly, and even the case was not given. If the money was not given, it would be inspected by three forks and five. An willward law enforcement caused many merchants to have a headache.”introduce.In response, the district’s disciplinary committee supervisory committee carried out special rectification, and seriously investigated Zhu Moumou, former director of the Songzhou Market Supervision and Administration Office, and the serious violation of disciplinary and violations of Liu Mou, the original first -level hosted by the Junhe Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Office, and the wholesale market.Popularity gradually stums.
The cadre style is the “golden stone” and “vane” of the business environment.The Guangdong Provincial Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organs seriously investigate and deal with the corruption and style of damaging the business environment, and will never let go of the “micro -corruption” that harms the interests of the masses and corporate interests.The Zhaoqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has regarded the improvement of cadres as an important starting point for optimizing the business environment.Xinyi City Discipline Inspection Commission seriously investigated and dealt with a grass -roots administrative law enforcement unit to donate 12,000 yuan to the small and micro -merchants in the area to purchase office equipment, and give two people to party discipline and government affairs.The Discipline Inspection Commission of Jieyang City, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Jieyang, strictly investigated and strictly handled the Yuecheng Food Station to collect money to the pork sales point stalls.
Check and correction and regulate political and business exchanges, and guide “pro -ness”, “clear and promising”
Chen Yuansheng, the former director of the Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, used his powers to seek benefits for relatives in the business operations;Deputy Secretary and District Mayor Chen Wupeng illegally business -based business enterprises … Since this year, the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs of Guangdong Province have seriously investigated and dealt with and notified a group of typical cases of violations of discipline and violations of discipline and violations that harm the business environment.Strong signal.
The Guangdong Provincial Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organs take the corruption of severe punishment of political and business as the top priority of the tackling war. It not only insists on accepting bribes and bribes to investigate, but also clarifies the “boundary line” of the relationship between the political and business relationships.Du, clear and promising.The former chairman of the Foshan Discipline Inspection Commission seriously investigated and dealt with Liu Honglin, the former chairman of the Municipal Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., and the former chairman of Nanhai Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. Wu Fubiao, and other chairman Wu Fubiao and other chairman Wu Fubiao, while investigating and corrected the entrepreneurs involved in the law of law, integrity, and integrity.
Clarify the 11 positive lists and 13 negative lists of political and business exchanges … The Yunfu City Discipline Inspection Commission to promote the departments of various regions and departments from actual situations to standardize power exercises, prevent the inappropriate intervention of power on microeconomic activities, and according to regulations and discipline and law.Clarify the boundaries of political and business exchanges, promote the responsibility of party members and cadres, and actively solve problems for enterprises and do practical things.
“The provincial disciplinary inspection and supervision organs will conscientiously implement the deployment of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission’s three plenary sessions, continue to deepen the supervision of the business environment, further stimulate the vitality and innovative vitality within the enterprise, and inject new momentum for Guangdong to promote the modernization of Chinese -style modernization.” GuangdongRelevant responsible comrades of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection.
Source: China Discipline Inspection and Supervision NewsGuangzhou Daily Xinhua City Editor: Zhang Leyi

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