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Education in primary and secondary schools should pay attention to moral education He Lianju

In recent years, due to the lack of moral education, individual students have caused a series of illegal and criminal acts that endanger society and family.Focusing on the development of “five education”, attach importance to moral education first, and improve the overall quality of the people, which is imminent.Ten years of trees, 100 -year -old trees; 100 -year plan, education first; the foundation of educating people, moral education first.At present, the rapid development of various fields in my country, while focusing on economic development, we should also pay close attention to national quality education, especially moral education in primary and secondary schools.
To make each student’s useful talent for society, the party’s education policy pointed out that the development of students should be fully developed, we can see that moral education is the primary education.Good travel habits are not only a must for students’ personal growth, but also a key link for building a harmonious campus and cultivating outstanding talents.This requires schools and teachers to pay special attention to moral education, keep up with the pace of the times, study the model of morality education, promote the good development of students, and at the same time achieve the three parties of families, schools, and society, and ensure students’ development more and more and effectively.
In school education, moral education is the soul of quality education. It is the key to allowing students to have a firm and correct political direction. It is to cultivate good moral quality education. It plays a guiding and guaranteed role in other education. Schools must attach importance to moral education.Some schools currently have the phenomenon of intellectual education and light moral education. This view must be changed with the “five education”. It is necessary to take education as the principle of running a school, adhere to moral education first, and do a good job of moral education.
In order to further strengthen the construction of excellent school style, schools should vigorously carry out and organize series of activities, and cultivate students’ good behavior and learning habits through the theme class meetings, psychological health lectures, gratitude education, learning Lei Feng activities, and “school hall cooperation”.Ideological and moral education penetrates students’ conversation, clothing, food, housing, and transportation, so that they have germinated the emotions of the love of the motherland, love hometown, love collective, and labor, and cultivate their excellent quality, brave, hard -working, friendly, and lively and cheerful personality., Cultivate civilized, healthy, positive and optimistic students.
In order to implement the “double reduction” and “five management” policies, schools need to continue to strengthen students’ physical exercise and extracurricular activities. On the one hand, exercise students’ physical fitness, enhance students’ physique, and promote students to develop exercise habits and master exercise skills.Guide students to face success and failure with a healthy attitude; on the other hand, enrich students’ extra -curricular life, improve students’ creativity and aesthetic consciousness, cultivate students’ sentiment, cultivate students’ hands -on practical ability, stimulate students’ love of nature, protect the ecologyEnvironmental consciousness.
Teachers can cleverly penetrate moral education work into various teaching links, forming a subtle effect, dripping through stones.In classroom teaching, teachers need to change the previous instilling teaching methods, interact with students in the classroom, discuss each point of view, and let students express their opinions.In the teaching session, typical cases such as the deeds of the heroes, the deeds of “moving the Chinese figures”, and the small examples around them pay attention to the cultivation of students’ sense of justice and responsibility.Teachers must also cultivate students to learn the advantages of mutual learning, so that students can understand the principle of “three people travel, there must be our teacher”.At the same time, we must pay attention to the educational education and intellectual education. Such children need the attention and care of the teacher, so that every child is healthy and the sun grows.”Degao is a teacher, and he is just a fan.” All teachers of the school also need to continuously improve their professional moral literacy and professional level, and effectively develop the foundation for students’ physical and mental health.
Moral education education in primary and secondary schools is far away. It should attract the attention of the whole society. It also needs to assume corresponding responsibilities of families, schools and society, and cooperate with each other to form an education synergy to make each child a physical and mental health.The social environment has strong plasticity and guidance on children, and poor environment and phenomena have a great impact on students.It is necessary to strengthen the governance of black Internet cafes and strengthen the governance of the surrounding environment of the campus.Parents should manage their children’s mobile phones. Do not allow their children to add to online games. Parents must also put down their mobile phones, communicate more with their children, be friends with their children, accompany their children, and make progress with their children with their children.Only by cooperating with family, schools, and society can we give students a good life experience and escort the children’s healthy growth.As the main body of education, students should also be given more autonomy, participate in self -management, and enhance self -management capabilities through self -planning and reflection, realize self -education, self -service, self -management, and eventually become the society.Useful talent.
(Author unit: Xining No. 2 Middle School)
Qinghai Daily (April 23, 2024, 7th Edition: Practice)
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