Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Department of Ecology and Environment: Strengthen the supervision of ecological protection and restoration, and build a beautiful China

China Development Network News From May 20th to 21st, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment held a conference on natural ecological protection in Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province.
Huang Runqiu, Minister of Ecology and Environment, said that in the new era, my country’s ecological protection and restoration supervision work has achieved positive results. The national ecosystem pattern is generally stable, the quality of land ecosystems has continued to improve, and the overall ecological environment of major strategic regions has stabilized.At the same time, we must also see that the current situation facing ecological protection and restoration supervision is still severe.It is necessary to consolidate ideas and actions into the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, resolutely fulfill the unified supervision responsibilities of the ecological and environmental departments, continuously promote the modernization of ecological protection and restoration supervision systems and regulatory capabilities, strengthen the “full process”, “full chain” supervision, promote ecological protectionFix supervision work to a new level.
Huang Runqiu pointed out that strengthening the supervision of ecological protection and restoration is an inevitable requirement for the construction of a beautiful China, an inevitable requirement for achieving high -quality development, the inevitable requirement to meet the needs of the people’s growing beautiful ecological environment, and an inevitable requirement for maintaining national ecological security.At present and in the future, it is an important period for the construction of beautiful China.It is necessary to properly handle the relationship between natural recovery and manual repair, and solidly promote the supervision of ecological protection and restoration.
The first is to improve the system of ecological protection and restoration and restoration, promote the incorporation of ecological protection and restoration supervision systems into the rules of the rule of law, study and formulate biological diversity evaluation standards, and accelerate the improvement of the laws and regulations and policy systems of ecological protection and restoration supervision in various regions.
The second is to promote the evaluation of ecological status and protection and repair results in all aspects, carry out the fifth national ecological status change survey and evaluation, and carry out dynamicsMonitor and evaluate.
The third is to increase the investigation and punishment of ecological destruction, continue to promote the supervision of the important ecological space of the “Green Shield”, study and establish an ecological protection of important ecological space outside the ecological protection of the ecological destruction mechanism, and further promote the reform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement of ecological environmental protection.Ecological illegal crimes.
The fourth is to promote the protection of biodiversity, organize and implement major projects of biodiversity protection, gradually establish and improve the system of biotechnology and environmental safety assessment and regulatory system, give full play to the role of Kunming’s biological diversity fund and leadership of great powers, and implement it for developing countries.”A Montreal Global Biological Diversity Framework” provides help and support.
Fifth, in -depth promotion of the creation of ecological civilization demonstrations, strengthen the guidance and normalized supervision of the creation process, ensure the quality and effectiveness of the creation, create a model for the construction of regional ecological civilization, and play a demonstration role for the construction of a beautiful China pioneer area.
Sixth, explore the path of innovative ecological product value, carry out ecosystem support services and pilots of regulating service evaluation and results application, and support localities to rely on the “two mountains” base to create a comprehensive demonstration model for the value of ecological products.
Seventh, continuously consolidate the supervision and supervision capabilities of ecological protection, build a comprehensive supervision platform for ecological protection and restoration, strengthen the construction of ecological monitoring network system, strengthen the training of ecological protection and restoration supervision business, and carry out key special research such as the protection and restoration of typical fragile ecosystems.

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