Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Beijing primary and secondary school classroom teaching reform site will be held

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 17th (Reporter Li Yan) Recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Academy of Education jointly held a meeting of the teaching reform of the Beijing primary and secondary school classroom teaching reform in Dongzhimen Middle School, aiming to guide Beijing primary and secondary schools to guide the core literacy teaching teachingThe concept is implemented to every aspect of education and teaching, and the change of students’ learning methods will be promoted by teaching methods.

On the same day, the teaching design, subject practice, interdisciplinary theme learning, and deep integration of teaching and teaching of the core literacy orientation, Beijing Dongzhimen Middle School showed 9 disciplines such as Chinese, mathematics, English, Taoism, physics, chemistry, and chemistry.In the 19 showed class, “AI empowerment”, “interdisciplinary” and “practical inquiry” have become a new state of classroom teaching.

In the “Focusing on the Language expression of the explanation” course, Chinese teacher Zhao Chen used the K12 composition intelligent evaluation system to assist teachers to realize personalized composition and guidance.Physical teacher Zhang Luoning’s inquiry experimental lesson “fluid pressure and flow rate relationship”, guiding students to “do middle schools”, experience the process of discovering problems, solving problems, building knowledge, and using knowledge.The interdisciplinary practice class of biological teachers Jiao Meng is “based on experiments to explore water ecological restoration technology” to create a leading task of Liangma River’s pleasant waterfront, integrate chemistry, biology, geography and other discipline content, and strengthen the horizontal correlation of ideological methods.

Xiong Jin, president of Dongzhimen Middle School, introduced that the school actively constructs the “new classroom” that returns to the essence of the discipline, which is a student -centered and core literacy classroom, emphasizing the subjectivity of students, and focusing on students’ participation and experience.The “new” of the classroom is reflected in the update of teaching concepts, from traditional teachers -centered to students -centered; reflected in the innovation of teaching methods, focusing on students’ participation and experience, advocating for inquiry and cooperative learning; reflected in evaluationThe innovation of the method has shifted from a single knowledge to the diversified evaluation of students’ core literacy.

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